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Android Speed Test App

AppsPosted by BeMobile Fri, March 02, 2012 09:21
Speed Test is an Android Application that will measure your Download speed using your active connection from 3 destinations: United States, Europe and Asia.

The speed is shown on a graph for easy interpretation. You can also see the average and maximum speeds for all the destinations.
These speeds can be shown in multiple units (e.g. kbyte/s or mbit/s) which can be changed on the fly.

- Download Speed Test from USA, EU and Asia
- Speed Graph
- Easy unit configuration (kbyte/s kbit/s mbit/s)

- This is a first version, please report your issues as detailed as possible.
- Speed Test gives you an indication of speed towards 3 destinations, which is not representative for your actual connection speed.
This application does give you a tool to check your speeds, and from experience, judge your active connection.

Upcoming features:
- Logging of your tests
- Upload Speed
- ...
Please vote in the comments for your most wanted new features!

Download the latest version from the Android market for Free!